I created the sound design, foley, mix and master on this heartwarming short film which went on to win 3 awards and 5 official selections on the film festival circuit.

Very proud to have edited and mixed Beacon’s 3rd amazingly beautiful full length album. Always a pleasure working on their material!

Our second CONAN AT COMIC CON campaign was nominated for a North American PromaxBDA for Best Campaign!

I mixed Beacon’s latest single ‘Marion’. A very chill tune. Check it out on the upcoming album Gravity Pairs as well!

I mixed, edited, and provided additional sound design for a series of promos for Cartoon Network’s The Power Rangers movie trailer.

Incredibly proud to be on the team and have our work win a Gold Promaxbda for “Best Entertainment Program Campaign” from the 2016 “CONAN AT COMIC-CON”.

Very excited to be picked for the 2nd year in a row to create the fun sound design, mix, and master on Conan’s return to Comic-Con ad campaign!

I edited, mixed, and created additional sound design for the new “Ghostbusters” movie trailer for Cartoon Network.

Mix, edit, and additional sound design for Cartoon Network’s “Ratchet and Clank” movie trailer. With a voice over tailored to kids.

I had so much fun creating every aspect of the sound design, music, mix, and master on this beautifully awesome TBS promo. Hat’s off to One Eyed Robot who animated it.

I made the music, sound design, mix, and master on this Conan O’brian spot.
Say hello to UBER Conan! He will now dance at you!!

Created the sound design, music, mix, and master on this relevant TBS promo. Love; has no boundaries, is strong, and sometimes has beautifully unexpected results.

Working with One Eyed Robot again on a wild Conan O’brien promo again. I filled this spot with fast gross sound design that crescendos into a ground up meat Conan head.

Mixed three promos for the new “The Peanuts Movie”, shown exclusively on Cartoon Network. Audio is pre-mastered at -20db to adhere to the CALM ACT.

Created the sound design, music, mix, and master on this touching finger puppet stop motion, Dutch informational video about Haptotherapy for patients with cancer.

Created sound design for an experimental marketing installation which simulated a futuristic apple sauce launcher and contest which was directed towards children. Though everyone had fun.

Very excited to announce that I’ll be creating the sound design and mixes on 8 spots for Conan O’Brien’s latest ad campaign for his visit to Comic-Con!

I worked with the author and director to create the sound design, mix, and master on this epic trailer for the 3rd and final “School for Good and Evil” book. This trailer was also featured on MTVNews.

Working with MKG agency. I edited the VO, composed music for a video that was shown at the CGI conference. I also created sound design for the user interface on the app that was being presented.

After 7 years of operation we say goodbye to being “Terminator Smile Productions”, and welcome Bailey Math Sound. Here is to an exciting adventure as a freelancer!

Sound Design and mix on a monster movie short, titled “A WALK ON CUTTER’S RIDGE”. Currently being screened on the film festival circuit.

Branding reel of 16 of the latest short logo animations, featuring sound design and original music by moi.

Sound design, mix, and master by Bailey Math on this EPIC Trailer for the upcoming book and 2nd in the trilogy, “School for Good and Evil 2: A World without Princes”.

Edited and provided additional recording for Ponyhof’s LP entitled “Empires”. Check it out!

Recorded, mixed, and mastered Bailey Math’s first EP as “I AM ERROR”. Nice dark stuff.

Music Supervisor and mixer for a national commercial for “Nickmom’s Night Out” Season 2.