Gold Promaxbda Winner

JUNE 2016
Incredibly proud to have won a Gold Promaxbda for ‘Best Entertainment Program Campaign’ from last year’s ‘CONAN AT COMIC-CON! I look forward to bringing my clients more awards.

TBS- Tune Out

Created the sound design, music, mix, and master on this really insane TBS promo. The only two directions received said to ‘Go CRAZY’ and ‘Have fun!’.
I made it so.

TBS- Conan Meat

Working with Conan O’brian again on new wild animated spots. I filled this promo with fast gross sound design that crescendos into a ground up meat Conan head.

GoGo SqueeZ

JULY 2015
Created sound design for an experimental marketing installation which simulated a futuristic apple sauce launcher and contest directed towards children. Though really everyone enjoyed themselves.

Conan Comicon

JUNE 2015
Very excited to announce that we were picked to create sound design and music on 8 spots for Conan O’brien’s latest ad campaign for his visit to Comicon!


JUNE 2015
Created the sound design, mixed, and mastered this epic trailer which is for the 3rd and final “School for Good and Evil” book. The trailer was featured on MTVNews.


Edited Chelsea Clinton’s voice over, created sound design, and composed music for a video that was shown at the CGI conference this year.


Mix and sound design for the intro/credits of a Dutch TV show about children who take care of their sick parents. Entitled “mensjesrechten” and shown on the IKON network.

New Company

JULY 2014
After 7 years of operation we say goodbye to being Terminator Smile, and welcome Bailey Math Sound. Here is to 7 more awesome years!


JULY 2014
Sound Design and mix on a monster movie short, titled A Walk On Cutter’s Ridge. Currently being screened on the film festival circuit.