Formerly co-owner and lead mixer at Terminator Smile Productions.

Bailey Math is a freelance sound designer, mixer, and audio surgeon with tuned in ears, located in Brooklyn, NY.

Bailey brings over a decade and a half of experience with sharpened knob turning and button pushing skills to hundreds of projects.

Projects requiring sound design, mixing, mastering, dissecting, composing, recording, cleaning, xenon bipolar flux transducing, and sound supervision.

Bailey believes that collaboration and working with clients like you to take your ideas to the next level is enjoyable, because doing the work you love should be.

Bailey can either work closely with you or your team or take the lead on any project requiring a well-polished, high quality sound with an unmistakable flare.

He’ll work on projects long term, remotely, in person, short term, one-offs, big budget, small budget. He will listen to what you need and work with you.

You can reach out about rates and availability via email or call and Bailey will respond with a quote asap.
Let’s make something great together.

Bailey Math

635 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206